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Egg Styles

How would you like your eggs? It’s a question we’ve all been asked a million times and many of us order our eggs the same way every single time. Turns out eggs are not only protein packed power sources but also versatile in how they can be prepared. The next time you’re at a diner, consider trying your eggs in one of these popular styles:

Sunny side up
Cracked directly in the pan, and usually fried in butter this style is the most common way to cook an egg. Edges are slightly browned and the egg is cooked until the bottom is set but the yolk is still runny.

Over easy
This style starts out like a Sunny Side Up but is then flipped halfway through the cooking process, hopefully keeping the yolk intact. The egg is cooked long enough to barely set and the yolk is still runny. Order it Over hard, and the yolk will be solid.

A bit more unknown, but delicious. Cooked just like a Sunny Side Up egg, but longer in a bath of delicious melted butter. The white should be cooked thoroughly and the yolk is firmed up.

A popular choice among kiddos and loved by amateur cooks everywhere, scrambled eggs are all at once delicious and forgiving. Eggs are broken and mixed thoroughly creating an even color and texture throughout. They are cooked completely and may be mixed with added ingredients such as cheese, bacon and spinach.

Seemingly forgotten by the younger generation, this way of egg preparation has an air of sophistication around it. The eggs are cracked into a pot of simmering water where they gently float until the whites are cooked but the yolk still remains runny. This provides a softer style of whites and a nice, warm yolk. Perfect served on top of a piece of toast.

Easy in theory but take practice to perfect. You can always tell a seasoned short order cook by the look of their omelet. Simply break eggs into a bowl, mix and spread evenly in the bottom of a pan. Once partially cooked, fill the inside with the fixings of your choosing, flip and finish off. Most diners offer a selection of omelet choices as well as a build-your-own option.

Soft Boiled
If you’re feeling a bit pretentious, order a soft boiled egg. The best soft boiled eggs are served in little cups with the top of the shell removed for easy scooping. These eggs are prepared by simply boiling the eggs, shell intact. For runnier yolks, boil 5 minutes. For firmer, cook for 7 minutes.

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